The package

Our retreats are held in very special places. Our purpose here is to help you work on yourself prhysically, spiritually and emotionally as a person. This requires effort. Our retreats are immersive and intensive. But although we encourage you to take part in all aspects of the programme, we also know that you will inevitably get tired and need to rest. The Buddhist concept of Right Effort applies here. Finding the right balance of effort to make progress but at the same time noticing how you are feeling and resting when you need to. On Holy Isle, during these rest times, you may like to get involved with the running of the island, in the kitchen or in the garden. This will give you a lovely feeling of connection with the Holy Isle itself and this remarkable project of peace. A truly unique place in the UK if not the world! In Pelion, there is great opportunity to walk, explore and enjoy the coastline and beaches.

Your package includes all your accomodation, food and the Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation training.

Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation everyday plus an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing therapy/treatment by Denise. Massage, reflexology, ear candle treatment. (The treatments and therapies are an additional charge – from £50)

The retreats are progressive course, building on each days activities. Studying mindfulness through the combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation.