About Us

At the centre and core of what we do is Mindfulness. The practice of Mindfulness involves being aware moment-to-moment, of everything that is going on. Both in terms of our immediate connection to the environment around us, through our five senses and our direct subjective conscious experience. When practising mindfulness, we become aware of our “stream of consciousness”. The skill of mindfulness can be gradually developed using meditational practices that are described in detail in the Buddhist tradition.

Mindfulness is a Buddhist-based practise. The owner and founder of Re-Vitalise is a practising Buddhist and therefore this underlies the approach of the organisation. However, mindfulness can and is practised by many thousands of people who are not Buddhists.
Mindfulness can also be experienced through certain physical practises. We provide, through our organisation, a direct way to practise mindfulness through Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation.

Many organisations offer accreditations and levels of attainment in these disciplines. We believe that this goes against the grain of mindfulness. So we allow our customers to practise at their own pace without a need or encouragement to “attain”. This is more in line with mindfulness practise. Therefore, we teach in a very informal and light-hearted way. But also, our teachers have very deep knowledge of their subjects. So although our teaching is informal, it also carries real depth of understanding.

We provide retreats, courses, online materials, how-to guides and online teaching sessions in these disciplines to help you to develop your own understanding of these practises and help you to make them part of your life.
We have created an organisation with a membership approach. Giving you access to these different teaching approaches from a single place, with different levels of membership allowing you to decide how deeply you wish to take your practise.