Re-Vitalise Retreats

Retreat is very important. It gives us time, space and self-permission to work on our selves and our spiritual growth. We escape the distraction of our busy lives and devote our day to practice. 

At Re-Vitalise, we take you to places and give you the opportunity for this time and space. Our weekend retreats are a gentle introduction to the process of retreat. The week long retreat in Scotland is full and deep immersion. All retreats are open to both beginners and experienced practitioners. Click on the links below to see details of the retreats. 

Spend a week on the amazing Holy Isle, Arran, Scotland. Tai Ch, Yoga and meditation every day on this remote Buddhist Island. The true retreat experience. 

Our Spa Retreat. Tai Chi and Meditation in this wonderful Spa facility in Warwickshire – 4 night retreat

Our centre in Taunton, Somerset can offer you a customised retreat experience. Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, Physical training, massage, reflexology, acupuncture and more. All available under one roof.